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California Wills and Trusts Attorney

You have worked hard to build a strong future for your loved ones. At the Law Offices of Kathy L. Wallace, we work even harder to protect your wealth and ensure your loved ones get the assets and financials that you intended to provide them with.

The Necessary Tools for Proper Estate Planning

Wills, trusts and other directives are all tools necessary for proper estate planning. Although you may have access to the necessary documents to prepare an estate plan on your own, it is easy to make a mistake that will ultimately cost you and your loved ones time, money and the security you intended. But when properly executed with the help of an experienced wills and trust attorney, these tools protect your assets, limit your tax liability and allow you to control where you assets will go upon your death.

Our attorneys and legal staff are well versed in the California inheritance laws as well as federal and state tax laws. We will work with you in preparing the necessary tools to achieve your goals and minimize the tax impact on your estate.

Estate Plan Documents

Your estate plan will include various documents that will be necessary to protect your loved ones. These documents include:

  • Your will
  • Living trust
  • Powers of attorney
  • Title deeds to your property or properties
  • Funding letter
  • Signing agreement

We will guide through the process and make sure you have devised a thorough estate plan that is right for you and your family.

Review and Modification of an Estate Plan

If you or your family has gone through a life-altering event, such as a birth, death or a divorce, you will need to revise your estate plan accordingly. We can assist you in updating your documents to make sure that they reflect these changes, continue to be enforceable, and are in line with your goals and desires.

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